Cloudy Water

If your Alaska water is cloudy it may be due to having glacial silt or aeration in your water source. Glacial silt will usually leave a residue in the glass, while gases, such as methane, in the water will not. Air may also be entering into the system indicating a well problem.

Silt Removal

The Alaskan Turbo-Clean System is built for tough Alaska conditions. It removes silt, sulfur, or organic iron with a turbo clean back wash filtration system. It is flexible to allow different configurations for different applications. We will custom design a system for your specific conditions.


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Turbo Clean Tank Types
1. Pressure tank installation and replacement
2. Food grade polymer storage tank & injection pump
3. Auxilary tank for increased contact time & heavy settling
4. Turbo clean backwash filtration tank
5. Pot perm or chlorine tank for oxidation


Every system is different. We will customize an automated venting system to meet your needs.

Well Issues

Have your well and pump inspected by a credible well specialist.